Philip Kobylarz

What Were the Chinese Thinking When They Invented Kites?

(versión en español)

Sediments measured in the river’s current distilled

sand grains awaiting an hourglass’ swell     butterfly

designs in the ideograms of worms     shells washed up

on the beach trailing heelmarks     memory + inertia = rain

and its drunken smell     when the vultures circle

in a black peal of wings     (desire’s what not)     helianthus

blooming green, each filled with a tear     deer with

white tails erect or lightning on the plains     saxophone

call of the muezzin     steps eroded through mortared alleys

horse the size of a fly     distant city on the horizon appearing

distant     multicolored flags of empty sails     wind-up toy

that seeks as a destination, walls     burned leaves airborne

as ashes, or feathers stuck to eggs that wait to be broken-


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